Hi, my name is Rahma Manan,

An independent designer who offers some services from Print, Web, 3D Models to Motion Graphic projects. I currently work fulltime in Singapore.

at 2008's office.

at 2008’s office

I’ve designed and developed designs for several independent clients and company from web design, illustration, collateral and ideas. Furthermore, I work according to my client’s budget to help them with their website requirement from WordPress CMS based system, Static website that needs monthly update and maintenance, also Interactive Flash and animation.

Content Writing works;
. writing travel articles occasionally,
. English to Indonesian translation.
. rewriting travel articles from Indonesian into casual English for Indonesian Travel Bloggers.

If you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate drop me a line to discuss more further. Just tell me what you need, style, design, medium, budget and deadline. I will be in touch with you. Take your time & have a look around… I’m always looking for new challenge and new people to meet 😉

In a nutshell

I am a very motivated individual who strives to excel in anything that I do, enthusiastic, fast learner, hard worker and creative. Degree in Computer Science & Visual Communication(Digital Media), graduated from Raffles Design Institute, Singapore.

What is Musafir

Musafir (مسافر) is a word in ArabicPersianHindi and Urdu meaning traveler. In the Romanian language it means guest. In Turkish it also means ‘guest’, as an alternative to “konuk“, but is spelled as misafir.

I’ve been traveling since I was born, mom told me that my first flight is, when I was at the age of 2 months. I was born in Jakarta, Java but then traveled to Padang, West Sumatra, around 1,253 km from Jakarta. After High school I moved to Jakarta to pursue my study.

In 2004, I moved to Singapore for study AGAIN, yeah!! and after 3 years of college life, my harsh real world had just begun. I had to find a job before my visa ends, and I became homeless, stayed at friend’s flat, then Hostel .. and one day, when I got some job interviews, and my visa almost ended, I had to do my visa run to Malaysia and did my assignment in Hotel Room. Still being Homeless…

And I got a job, then in 2010, I went back to Jakarta and stayed there till early 2011 and moved back to Singapore again, and did my digital nomad, stayed at Hostel .. Guesthouse………………. bounce in and out around Southeast Asia .. and still goes..

About this Travel Blog

I love writing & reading before I know how to write and read, a geek who loves the spirit of individuality and have traveled solo since early age. I blog in order to share information, not for being the main character of my blog. Why I said so, not being the character of my blog ??

I prefer writing about things, culture, places, people over myself, and I rarely post my selfies.