Episode 14: Antwerpen

I’ve never planned before that I’d go to Antwerpen, Belgium, on my trip in Europe. My Dutch friend finally changed our first plan from mountain biking in small forest Holland, to Antwerpen trip.

Antwerpen is nice, fullfilled with massive old European architectures,historical buildings and sta tues,.. Antwerpen with its great architectures,-
I think it’s a great place for those who love taking pictures with great angles.

We headed to Antwerpen from Tilburg.On the way from Tilburg to Antwerpen, we passed the highway that I noticed this,- Belgium and The Netherland is adjacent country, just separated with land border.However, I could find the differences between two countries.When we’re on Belgium road from Eindhoven, .. we found broken asphalt road like we found many in Indonesia road.

Ooops, it’s Europe, c’mon… I’m not surprised when I found holes on the asphalt road in Indonesia, but I found it’s kinda weird when I experienced this in Belgium. Also, it’s not really as green as Holland, not really tidy like I’ve just passed in Tilburg and Eindhoven, just a bit dirty and I met some beggars in Antwerpen.

I found it’s a shocking experience.. hey, hey,why do I need to get shocked seeing beggars, I’m from Indonesia, we have a lot of beggars over there, but again, because I’m in Europe that’s why I’m wondering.

Well, I can’t judge Belgium too much, I’ve only been to Antwerpen. It’s just my honest opinion what I’ve seen so far from my unexpected trip. I’d like to see more cities in Belgium when I have more opportunity in the future, I’ve never been to Brussel et cetera. Unfortunately, I only spent few hours in beautiful Antwerpen city.

When arrived in Antwerpen, we stop at Grote Mark,.. I found great building and statues. The weather sucks again, … making picture I snip snap look abit gloomy like what I really feel at that time.

I thankful for great time to bring me to Antwerpen, but I’m not sure what can I do there,.. it’s only surrounded by shops. So, people just go shopping there..

I’m from SE Asia, lived in Jakarta and Singapore, I hereby that I’m done with shopping, mall or department stores. I come to Europe to see people, art, culture, food and other great stuff except shopping.

If I go shopping in Europe, I would buy items that very valuable or expensive due to taxes in SE Asia. Chesse, chocolate and wine is way cheaper in Europe than SE Asia.

Living in Singapore & Jakarta, as far as my eyes can see is massive malls and stores on every corner. I love Europe with its less malls style, finaly I found something unsual from what I see everyday in my home country. So, to Antwerpen just for shopping is not my thing. If I could choose I’d rather like going to the small forest in Holland for mountain biking than sightseeing in Antwerpen.

While strolling, in a sudden my steps stop in front of a famous hotel in the world. Hilton. Yes, it’s Hilton hotel. Wow, … so small … I can’t imagine this, in Indonesia,- Hilton hotel is so huge with dozens of securities at the front gate,.. also a large of parking lot in the basement. I don’t see any parking lot in surroundings.


I only bought some nice Postcards in Antwerpen which I forgot to post them.. Chocolate and Waffles are so tempting in Antwerpen. I hope I’ll be back to this place someday, by carrying my new DSLR camera with its special lens, because my current camera lense can’t capture magnificent buildings in Antwerpen.

Not to forget, I really want to sit in a Belgian cafe where I want to drink local coffee and Waffle. We had Starbuck at the Antwerpen station, which is expensive and the taste is the same everywhere…

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