Paspor Ijo (third world passport)

Paspor Ijo (third world passport)

Beberapa waktu yang lalu, gue terlibat diskusi yang agak sengit di komunitas backpacker Indonesia. Skenarionya, seorang pejalan hampir gak jadi terbang ke Vietnam karena di Bandara Sukarno Hatta, petugas Tiger airways mempertanyakan tiket pulangnya. Masalahnya dia belum menentukan kapan pulang karena mau melakukan trip overland dari Indochina sampai Singapore.

Indo banget!!

Indo banget!!

Peringatan; dibaca dengan pikiran terbuka dan hati yang lapang, ini hanya refleksi, observasi dilapangan selama hidup berpindah-pindah dari satu tempat ke tempat lain, dan berintegrasi dengan budaya yang beraneka ragam. Judulnya Indo Banget. Istilah ‘Indo banget’ ini tanpa bermaksud menyinggung

Mount Batur, Bali Indonesia

The Explorer

I've been traveling before I realized I was traveling, that is when I was 2 months old. I was born in capital of Indonesia, Jakarta. However, I originally from West Sumatra,- located on the western part of Sumatra island, almost 2 hours by plane from Jakarta, or 30 hours by bus or car across the fifth biggest island in the world named Sumatra, then take a 2 hour ferry to land on Java island, it's not finish yet..still there's around 3 hours road trip to reach Jakarta city.

First Impression in Malang

Stop over in Malang city is my last minute decision I made when I was in Bali. I suddenly noticed my friend who lived in Sydney for working there, was having holiday in her hometown, Malang - East Java. I then gave her texts, and we made a plan to meet up in her hometown, Malang before I continue my journey to Jogjakarta. Around 2 hours by bus from Probolinggo. I took a non AC bus, and realized that the fact I'm really in East Java where Javanese is spoken around me. The journey from Probolinggo to Malang by public transport is a bit challenging. I think Indonesia is country for young backpackers who are keen on crazy and wild adventure

Good Morning, Bromo

As the sun goes up... around 6 or 7 am, I went down to the foot of Mt.Penanjakan. When I climbed up the mountain early morning, It needs alot of energy... when I walked down from the peak, ... it's easier... :) While walking down I met some visitors like me, Edelweiss sellers, locals and horses.

From Probolingo to Bromo

At 3 AM, I woke up to get ready for capturing sunrise via Mount Penanjakan, to see sunrise emerged from the back of Mt.Bromo. I hope the weather is great, no raining or cloudy. When I was about to go out for sunrise, .. I met three of western guests who stayed next to my room. Two males, one female, I met them before when I had a small chat with two Vietnamese girls sat next to our table at cafe. Listened to their language.. well, they speak German.

Travel Journal; Exploring Bromo

While having breakfast at my hostel cafe, I met two Vietnamese girls. I just arrived at Cemoro Lawang, then I joined them exploring Semeru National Park by Jeep. So, we shared the jeep rental together. I paid around 100.000 rupiah to them, cheaper than I rent a jeep by myself only. It's great, meeting another travelers from different country on my solo journey.When we travel alone, we can do and decide whatever we want to do

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