Good Morning, Bromo

Sunrise …

As the sun goes up… around 6 or 7 am, I went down to the foot of Mt.Penanjakan. When I climbed up the mountain early morning, It needs alot of energy… when I walked down from the peak, … it’s easier… 🙂

While walking down I met some visitors like me, Edelweiss sellers, locals and horses.


Edelweiss, or Ever Lasting flowers, only grow on mountainous areas


It looks in Fairy Tale

I walked down alone, on my way to the foot of Mt.Penanjakan… I stumbled upon a guy who rents a horse to ride. He offered me to rent his horse, at first.. I’m not really interested, but then I changed my mind, why NOT??  To be honest, I’ve never ridden a horse entire my life.

There is always the first time for everything, so.. It would be my first experience riding a horse, … in Mt.Bromo ..

The horse name is Untung, means Lucky in Indonesia

Passing the cliffs with a horse,’s like in the movie… 😉

Desert on Tropical Country.. Isn’t it beautiful… On the way to the foot of Mt.Bromo passing the sea sand…

Reaching on the foot of Mount Bromo, I parked Untung, my horse there… because I can’t climb to the peak with a horse….

Almost vertical stair to reach Bromo crater…

Hindu Temple on the foot of Mt.Bromo, On the fourteenth day of the Hindu festival of Yadnya Kasada, the Tenggerese people of Probolinggo, East Java, travel up the mountain in order to make offerings of fruit, rice, vegetables, flowers and sacrifices of livestock to the mountain gods by throwing them into the caldera of the volcano.

Ssst, Don’t tell my mother with this pose ….

I know  standing close to the crater is highly dangerous… I’m not going to do this for the second times, people… I still value my own live, of course.. and , I don’t want to give a shock news to my parents at home, that her daughter who traveled alone fell into the Bromo crater… Oh NO!!  So, Don’t tell my mom and dad regarding this.. I just don’t want to let them worried…….

Sad things about Bromo, I can’t understand irresponsible people who throw their rubbish into the crater … C’mon Indonesians, …. it’s so pity and embarrassing..  seeing mineral bottle and plastic bag around the mouth of crater, it destroys the beauty of nature….

So, the last eruption of Bromo is January 2011. Due to the eruption, it destroyed the fence that circling the caldera, before eruption, it’s possible for visitor to see around the caldera. But, now… the fence is already gone, swept away by the volcanic ash, .. At the moment…. officially, visitors are not allowed to climb the Bromo crater….

Look like in Mars

Still Day 13 ,  December 20, 2011 // Probolingo + Cemoro Lawang, Bromo East Java ……… Back to the hostel for Breakfast and pack my stuff to check out.

I called it Brunch…. Toast, Egg, Fried rice and Coffee & Orange Juice, Edelweiss at the edge of table..

At the cafe hostel, while waiting for public transportation to bring me back to Probolinggo city, I met three Germans who stayed next to my room. They were waiting for the bus, same as me.

They saw me talking to the hostel staff asking about what time the transportation will be picking us in Indonesian.

One of them asked me: ‘ Do you speak Indonesian??’

Me: a bit confused… ‘Of course…, I’m Indonesian…’

Him: Oh.. I thought you’re Japanese….

Hmmm….. guys, do I look like Japanese??? Or , I found some western who are still new in Asia, still can’t differentiate between Chinese, Japanese or non East Asian face.

We are four now, waiting for the bus. As Indonesian, in the middle of German tourists, .. I felt a bit embarrassed with my own country public transport service .

Bromo is a beautiful place; don’t destroy tourist memory about this amazing place with our suck service like this.

We had to wait for the bus for 2/3 hours… and these Germans were about to take the train to Jogjakarta. One of German, female, get mad with the system.. How unprofessional these people are, the driver came, but he asked more fare to the city because the passenger only 4 of us. He said, he doesn’t want to waste the fuel to bring us to city with normal fare.

After bargaining, …. we had to pay more than normal price,.. cause no choice, and the weather was not really good, .. Rainy and foggy.

Around 1 hour trip to the city, I had a good small chat with one of these German, he’s from Berlin. He just graduated from his university, he studied engineering, related to aeroplane. But he told me, he’s not smart… trying to be humble, eh!!

His next destination after Jakarta is Malaysia, then he asked me where to go in Malaysia. Uhhmmmm….. I told him about Malacca,  it’s a historical city with the Dutch, British and Portuguese heritage.

It’s a nice place for just having a calm day for one or two nights chilling out at cafe for beer. Then he asked me about Tioman Island, .. I was about to go to Tioman island in February 2009,  but we stopped at Mersing, didn’t continue our journey to the island. The beach looks so disappointing due to wet season. So, I afraid his visit to Tioman is not in the best month.

Arriving in Probolinggo city, we separated.. I continued my own journey to Malang city and they headed to train terminal to get a train to Jogjakarta. Saying good bye one another.


For foreigners who want to travel to Bromo, it’s better to get a travel bus… or if you just want to enjoy waiting for uncertain things

NEXT: My two days visit in Malang city, East Java

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