Secret Cinema in Singapore

People said; “hang out with local and you’d know the country much better more than any one else or lonely planet guide book.”

I said,  Not always..

It was on Friday evening, my Mauritian friend brought me to an unordinary cinema in Singapore. The cinema is located in old building not really far from Nicoll Highway MRT. This cinema reminds me of Cinema in Utrecht, the Netherlands, it looks so vintage or retro. The unique thing is, this cinema has a small bar and live music on the weekend or certain days.

The projector, the cinema name. It  is the only independent cinema in Singapore, and to get here is not that easy .. because it’s hidden in Singapore old buildings!! And, two times I visited this cinema, more than half of visitors are caucasian not local. When I asked my Mauritian friend how did she find this cinema, she replied from her European friend. She asked me to keep the secret, but ‘knowledge  increases by sharing  but not not by saving 🙂 .

I love the way the owner comes with the vintage concept for this cinema, from the interior in the studio and mini bar, ticket counter. Other things you can’t find in commercialized cinemas in Singapore, it’s the only cinema you can buy alcoholic beverages and watch movies while sipping your wine or enjoying the beer. When I watched movie in Utrecht, the Netherlands, I got a bit culture shocked when I saw people brought their craft beer into the studio cinema, because it’s impossible in Singapore or Asia.


Don’t expect you will watch mainstream movies like commercialized cinema in shopping malls, though I watched Runner Blade 2049 in the projector when the movie was playing in average cinemas,  The Projector also screens classic movies, no mainstream movies or International Festival movies.

And, this is it. 


Vintage Drinks, people..

Unlike any other cinemas with their many studios, The projector has only two studios, and they don’t operate during day time only after dark. It’s suitable for after working hour hideout. And when you enter the cinema, you can sit wherever you want as long as nobody occupies the chair (yet).

The Projector uses wooden fork, knife and spoon in their mini bar, environment friendly enough, isn’t it.

Before reaching the toilet, we’ll pass these murals.

And the toilet is full of movie posters, most of them are no mainstream movies or from foreign movies.

I’m not a big fan of shopping malls, or maybe I’m just getting old. This cinema is for you, if you want to watch movie but allergic to the mall especially on the weekend, you’ll be in the sea of people.

It’s closed on Monday, and they don’t screen the movies every night. That’s another uniqueness of The Projector.


How to get there;

The nearest MRT is Nicoll Highway, but it’s also not really far from Bugis MRT station, Located at Golden Mile Tower and it is a walking distance from famous touristy Arab Street. Well, IT’S NOT SECRET ANYMORE 🙂

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