Kebun Anggur di Tropis

Bicara tentang kebun anggur yang terbersit biasanya benua Eropa. Namun, jangan salah, tidak perlu jauh-jauh ke Eropa kita bisa merasakan sensasi romantisnya kebun anggur, tentunya dengan arsitektur bergaya Eropa serta Kincir Angin. Yang membedakannya hanya cuaca, kadang suhu di wilayah ini mencapai 35 derajat celcius, bikin keringat mengalir deras belum lagi dengan teriknya matahari yang menyilaukan mata. Pernah ke Pattaya, Thailand ?? Sayangnya, Pattaya selalu identik dengan gemerlapnya dunia malam

Halloween Horror Night

Every culture has their own ghost story and as an Asian, I prefer European ghost to Indonesian or Asian ghost. What ?? Are you kidding me?? You like ghost ?? Well, listen to me first !! European ghost, such a Vampire is a good-looking ghost, they dress well with tuxedo, and as a ghost he still has laundry time. Then, where’s the scary thing of it ?? Majority of Asian ghosts are like Zombie, full of blood, incomplete body, or with a hole on her back etc. They don’t have much time to think about fashion unlike Vampire. Yes, today is spooky Halloween’s day!! Let’s talk about it.

Foodporn in Krabi

I traveled to Krabi, Thailand in wet season. It might be very depressing when you visit a place with beautiful beaches but the dark cloud always blanketed the sky. There was no sunbathing or playing with water on the beach, the worst thing was no blue sky and the sun at all. Actually, besides disturbing for Photography, bad weather is not really a BIG deal for me. Luckily, I’m not a beach person and Krabi is not only beaches, limestone mountain, diving, numerous caves and waterfalls, hiking.

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