Holier Than Thou Travellers

Kita setuju untuk tidak menjadi turis atau traveler yang ignorant. Menjadi sensitive, bersikap yang sopan di tanah orang dan menghargai budaya serta kebiasaan setempat. Hal yang wajar atau biasa bagi kita mungkin taboo di luar sana. Sebagai pengamat manusia ketika traveling, saya sering bertemu manusia dari berbagai negara dan sesama bangsa. Sifat mereka yang beraneka ragam, ada yang humble sampai yang sengak dengan wajah; "I travel more than you". Beberapa mereka sering merasa paling benar, paling etis dalam traveling namun mereka merasa tidak bersalah ketika mengambil foto para tuna wisma untuk kepentingan Instagram dibawah kategori; Street Photography. Seolah-olah mereka sangat peduli dengan kalangan tuna wisma ini. Padahal mengambil foto Tuna Wisma hal yang sangat tidak sopan. Put yourself in their shoes, kalau suatu hari nanti kamu jadi gembel, tidak punya rumah dan ada yang ngejepret dan kesengsaraan kamu di pajang di Instagram turis dari negeri antah berantah, dan di komen follower-nya.. Siapa sih yang suka menjadi obyek ketika mereka dalam keadaan susah.

Hagelslag, Drop & the Dutch

Besides Raw Herring, the Dutch has another unique concept on bread. Meanwhile the rest of the world eat bread topped with peanut butter, jam, Nutella, butter and slices of tomatoes or bacon, honey or salad. The Dutch eats bread topped with Hagelslag. What is HAGELSLAG??

The Art of Eating Raw Herring

I used to be a semi vegetarian for few years where I only ate fish and chicken, I avoided eating read meat as best I could, I felt better back then. In 2015, I’m thinking of being semi vegetarian again, no more red meat. Since I moved back to West Sumatra, where red meat and Rendang are everywhere here, I just couldn’t resist…. *yeah, it’s just my excuses*

A Coffee Addict on The Road

My days must be started with a cup of coffee. Otherwise, It might be a mistake. If I didn’t get a coffee before noon, I’d feel very depresso and wrong. Wherever I go and travel I drink multiple cups of hot coffee everyday. I’d love to taste local coffee. Life is very beautiful every time I sip my coffee, tell me I’m not the only one. I believe my fellow coffee addict around the world can relate to this !!!

Unique Architecture in the Netherlands

A 40 meter hight water tower and the oldest of Utrecht (1896). It's now a museum about water, but the tower still plays a role in the water supply of the city centre.

Mural in The Netherlands

Mural in The Netherlands

When I was in the Netherlands, I was fascinated by so many beautiful murals in each city. For example, I stayed in Utrecht city for 2 weeks, on my first day being there I found several murals on the corner of the road which I think it’s very cool when a city or country really appreciate work of art. Speaking of paintings, Holland is well-known for her world-famous painters since

Cinema Experience in the Netherlands

In The Netherlands, watching movie at the cinema has an intermission. To be honest, I received a bit culture shock...

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