First World vs. Third World Traveler

As a third world traveler, we are getting used to an endless insult look to our passport at checkpoint and , we can’t tell lie, it leads us to such a big frustration before we start traveling. Ignore the generic slogan from first world travelers who always spread ‘Quit your job, and travel the world’ slogan. Excuse me?? It ain't work for us, this immigration would suspect us as illegal immigrant and drag us to interrogation room. We’d even asked for Bank statement for any visa to enter many countries.

Traveling untuk Pemula

Zaman sekarang, wajib hukumnya untuk menunaikan rukun iman yang ke-TUJUH. Yaitu,Traveling-lah selagi mampu atau tidak mampu (harap dimampu-mampu-in aja). Kenapa harus begitu?? Karena traveling harus menjadi kebutuhan hidup primer, dengan traveling, kita akan merasa segar kembali dari kejenuhan rutinitas, dan menghilangkan stress. Jangan anggap sepele ‘Stress’ lho, menurut para ahli stress akan memicu sakit jantung, stroke dan penyakit yang enggak asik lainnya deh. Lebih baik mencegah dari

A Coffee Addict on The Road

My days must be started with a cup of coffee. Otherwise, It might be a mistake. If I didn’t get a coffee before noon, I’d feel very depresso and wrong. Wherever I go and travel I drink multiple cups of hot coffee everyday. I’d love to taste local coffee. Life is very beautiful every time I sip my coffee, tell me I’m not the only one. I believe my fellow coffee addict around the world can relate to this !!!

hostel life

Wow, It's the longest time I don't write any single entry on this blog, kinda missing it... I've got a lot stories to be told actually, until I don't know where do I start ;) Well. let me start recalling what have been happening for almost 6 months since the last time I blog. April, where the adventure starts.... In April, I flew to Singapore in order to attend a job interview for graphic designer

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