Funny Graphics & Texts on The Road

Discovering  ‘awesome’ texts and graphics while traveling  abroad might be one of my favorite activity.

My Visual Communication background teaches me to be aware or critical to typography, logo, mascot or whatever object I meet surrounds me.

I see simple things closely and love to analyze them, secretly critiquing on café menu, signs, billboard, ads or whatever catch my eyes. I collect catchy signs and I feel guilty if I never share them to the blog sphere

Most of this collection I found in Holland, Singapore and Malaysia few years back. Are you similar to me or us ??  Love to capture ‘funny’ signs on the road.  Let’s join the club

Pork Free – Free WiFi


Pork Free, Free WiFi’  sign in Malacca, Malaysia. What do you think of this sign ?? When I first saw this I just chuckled myself, I don’t know what’s the correlation between WiFi and Pork. If you have any idea, please enlighten me…

Movie Genre Icons


A ha, I like this one. Found this at cinema in Utrecht city, Holland. We know the Dutch is very straightforward, and this is the way they picture sex genre icon in cinema. Too direct, who would have thought 😉

Patat Frites


Patat Frites is kind of Dutch Snack like French Fries with mayonnaise, I  still don’t understand why the logo is a naked little boy urinating, how strange is that for a food brand, isn’t it ??

Please tell me if anybody out there knows what does this supposed to mean.

slow motion


In Dutch, Coffeeshop is written in one word, and it is not a place to drink coffee but  here is the place where you can smoke Marijuana legally.

Let’s focus on the name of this ‘coffeeshop’, how smart is this for a cannabis place, Slow Motion.

Enjoy getting high nice people…..

Home or Hotel ?


This Hotel name is Home , what a funny hotel name in Rotterdam.

15 Minutes of Fame


This famous Andy Warhol quote is embedded in neon light on a wall in Rotterdam.

“In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes” ,

As we often heard; 15 minutes of fame !!

I agree with Andy Warhol, he’s a genius or could read the future that what he said is proven since he’s already dead few decades ago.

Don’t you think it is easy to be famous instantly in this social media era?? When you said something controversial on Twitter or Facebook then when it goes viral, you’d be famous!!

Yeah, Andy Warhol, you rock !!

Detective Job


Do you want this kind of job, spying on cheating spouse and get paid ?? Being a detective is one of my childhood’s dream. But, sorry, any other interesting topic to spy on ?? I’m not really interested in domestic issue.

Free F*ck

This hilarious text I found out in public toilet’s door in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Free Fuck anyone?? It sounds very desperate, people .. LOL

authorRahma loves writing & reading before she knows how to write and read. A geek who loves her spirit of individuality and has traveled solo since her early age.


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