First Impression in Malang

Still Day 13 ,  December 20, 2011 // Probolingo Bus Station and Malang

Stop over in Malang city is my last minute decision I made when I was in Bali. I suddenly noticed my friend who lived in Sydney for working there, was having holiday in her hometown, Malang – East Java. I then gave her texts, and we made a plan to meet up in her hometown, Malang before I continue my journey to Jogjakarta.

Around 2 hours by bus from Probolinggo. I took a non AC  bus, and realized that the fact I’m really in East Java where Javanese is spoken around me. The journey from Probolinggo to Malang by public transport is a bit challenging. I think Indonesia is country for young backpackers who are keen on crazy and wild adventure. You know why I said so?? Uhhmm,  Indonesian drivers are crazy, which I suddenly becoming  more religious by praying along my journey in the bus, dear god please save me from this uncertain journey. 😉

In the evening, I arrived at Malang Bus Station. I text-ed my friend I already arrived and she replied that she’s still in Surabaya, capital of East Java. Oh My….. The good thing is, she already booked a room for me in her hotel. What a generous friend, isn’t it…. She sent me her room hotel address and asked me to talk to the receptionist there and mention my name. I asked the taxi driver to bring me to my friend’s hotel address.

My friend’s hotel

So, for two days I stayed at this convenient room and the nicest thing is FREE. :))))))   Thanks Sylvia, my college friend I met in Singapore. We used to spend a lot of time together in Singapore from 2005 to 2006. We used to make our design projects in her apartment, and I sometimes slept in her place when we’re in rush to complete our projects.

Also, we were the same boat, lived alone overseas without family and roomate.. so, we used to be lazy going back home on the weekend, … instead of exploring Singapore from midnite to morning by having endless talks from Esplanade to Lau Pa Sat.

Why we waited until morning.. killing the time by strolling around Singapore, because we just don’t want to spend much money for taxi with its after midnight tax. Bus and MRT closed from 12 am to 6 am. Nightlife in Singapore is virtually safe.. walking alone at night is secure, 24 hours 7Eleven and fast food such as McDonald, Burger King always open 24 hours. Spending time with her, always full of laughs and jokes. Knowing we both don’t live in the same country anymore…. arranging time to meet up, it’s a great time to be made. The last time we met in 2007, 4 years ago………..

Day 14 ,  December 21, 2011 //  Malang city, East Java Indonesia


It is a pity, I only spend 2 nights in Malang. The city is developed, the weather is mild and a bit cold when then rain comes, surrounded by mountains, Mount Bromo is not really far from this city. At last, it’s famous with its apple, located in mountainous climate, apples grow so well here.

In Malang, I traveled with my friend and her driver.. so, I don’t really feel as backpacker like I did in Bali and Bromo which I know how to go to this place and that place. From my 2 days quick visit I found in Malang;

1. Malang city is not flat, .. mild weather.

2. People are friendly.

3. Growing city, good for business.

4. People speak Javanese… I believe, 2 or 3 months I stay here, I would be able to speak Javanese with its special accent.

5. It’s quite at night, unlike Jakarta or Kuta, Bali.. cities never sleep.

6. I guess Dutch lived here in colonial era, I found several colonial buildings here from Church, Government office, Train station etc.

Okay, .. I don’t really know much about Malang yet.. I hope I’d get a chance to come back in the future…

Ricefield in Malang

Sylvia in front of BIG tree

Posing in the tunnel

haha… reminds me of Holland in spring.. 😉 , but no tulips here

at cafe, Java Dancer Coffee

Java Dancer Coffee

Day 15 ,  December 22, 2011 //  Malang city, East Java Indonesia

After going to sleep quite late due to long chats the whole nite with Sylvia, we woke up very late. I had a good time in Malang city with my friend.. Thanks sylvia for giving me a place to stay 😉 … ready to continue my journey to another city. Thanks for being such a great host in your hometown, by refusing me to pay everything from coffee, meal and two nites free accommodation in your comfy hotel.

In the train, on the way to Jogjakarta, around 8 hours from Malang to Jogjakarta.

Ticket, I arrived at Jojakarta train station in midnite. 

Next: Jogjakarta…..

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