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In the 1960s, Andy Warhol, an American Pop Art movement artist said; “In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes”, or known as 15 minutes of fame.

And today, we, as  generation who live in the future of Warhol’s mentioned in the 1960s see that’s true indeed, shows that he accurately describing or predicting what will happen in the future. Especially, in this digital age where the world in the palm of our hand, we can access the world via mobile phone or tablet wherever we are and anytime. WiFi becomes our breath, as if we can’t live without it, wherever we go such as cafe, hostel, hotel, restaurant, bus, we would ask, ‘any WiFi’ ?

andy warhol

Photo was taken in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Summer 2010.

Before 2010, we used mobile phone just for texting, incoming and out coming calls, who would have thought in a few years later, mobile phone becomes a smart phone has turned out the window of the world through an interactive Web 2.0 Internet based applications or what we called; ‘social media’.

Not only for narcissistic, social media is for networking, creating and sharing of information, and it also creates new professions that never exist before, it becomes the key player of marketing and advertising, until today we get used to hearing such job descriptions; Social Media Specialist, Social Media Strategist and Social Media Influencer.

Yes, that influencer thing!! Initially, Bloggers and YouTubers are social media influencer. Then, Twitter. And Instagram could make an ordinary chick becomes a star. How lucky this millennial generation where they can be a celebrity over the net without a producer who helps their career to be appeared in public. It’s only based on how large their audience and engagement rate they get on their social media platforms.

These Influencers become a brand ambassador or advocate to persuade their followers, to promote the brands and they get paid, whether by blogging, posting each post on Instagram, a tweet on twitter or Video on YouTube Channel.

Because they have massive followers or audience and they become famous across the world through the Internet, and we called them ‘Internet Celebrity’.

So, aside from having massive followers, what’s this social media influencer job description, what’s their task to get paid !?

Instagram is booming now for Social Influencers where they get paid each post, with such an easy job like this and they can do anywhere while relaxing on their sofa or drinking a cup of coffee in a cozy Cafe.

  1. Selfie/show off
  2. Upload…
  3. Mention the brand, positive word-of-mouth messages about the brand on their Instagram Caption.
  4. And Get Paid.

Meanwhile, other people work in their cubicle for the whole day from 9 to 5 or 9 to 9, glued to computer and have no social life or even no time for dating, social influencer have a generic slogan, ‘quit your job and travel the world’, and being an internet celebrity to fund their sometimes hedonistic lifestyle.

What. a. life.

So, now.. seems like everyone wants to be Influencer or Internet Celebrity then. And, for that, they need to grow their brand, they need a large followers, but since they are not a real celebrity who appear on TV, whatever happens they have to get followers. For being an influencer or Internet Celebrity within internet communities.

Yeah, it’s 2017.. Internet Celebrity is still a dream job for bloggers, from travel blogger, lifestyle blogger or Instagrammer.


I’m very late to Instagram, around end of 2013 I started to have my Instagram Account and still had no idea how to use it, until I got travel bloggers from around the world who followed me. At first, I was so excited and proud, wow, these people whose 5 digits followers follow me, who am I, why follow me .. I’m just nobody.

I followed them, and then they unfollowed me in a split second. At first I thought, maybe because they got bored when I posted my cat photos. Hmm.. Okay..

Then, there are dozen, and dozen of them do these following days. Which makes me; What the fuck !!!

Really, blogging and travel blogging are getting dirtier day after day, I got fed up with them and I sent them a Direct Message. Most of them ignored my messages, and I got replied for this one.

social climber

It’s still ridiculous for me, but yeah, seems like everyone wants to be an Internet Celebrity nowadays, but the way they get followers are very selfish and deceptive. How could you live with this way, people. I got disappointed when there’s a travel blogger from Germany we used to follow each other on twitter and followed me on Instagram, and after she follows 5 digits follower in a short time by playing follow to unfollow game, then she shrinked her following to 3 digits, What the fuck.. Just Yikes!!

No more respect to bloggers like that, but, yeah, she keeps being an influencer and making money from her blog, since that time I stop following her, not even clicking on her blog or whatever. It’s beyond my mind how could people have no shame on doing this. Maybe on their mind is like this; “Yeah.. you, you.. I want to be famous, please follow me.. after you follow me, and I will remove you and please keep following me.. ”  Following you my ass!!!

Please, smart people, stop clicking ads on their blog with this selfish attitude, if it’s OK for them playing this dirty game, at what point we can support them ?? It’s better I buy Lonely Planet than reading their shallow and biased blogs.

I don’t mind following accounts that I found interesting and entertaining or inspired me, and I won’t ask hey please follow me back for that, but in this case, they follow us first, one day after we follow them, they unfollow us.. Please?? What’s that?? That’s super cheating, just for their ambition to be Internet Celebrity and get paid, enjoy their fame from stupid followers who keep following them. Those who don’t know or don’t have application to check who unfollow them. I can’t imagine travel bloggers could be so low like this to get what they want.

Man, what a sad world we live in…. My social influencer friend said, sometimes, it could be their Virtual Assistant doing that, and, why do you let them doing that?? You pissed people off with your action, don’t you get it??

Like at the custom checkpoint, if illegal drug found in your bag, for the immigration, that’s belong to you. Your account pissed people off, no reason for you to be defensive, VA did that. That’s bullshit. Simple, DON’T FOLLOW THEM IF IN THE END YOU WILL UNFOLLOW THEM…!!!


And, this is the most pathetic and no integrity from bloggers who do this, a lot. They thought people don’t notice what’s the difference between organic likes vs. fake likes ?? And, we can even check how many fake followers you have using Follower Check

You are so obvious buying followers when the number of your fake followers is more than 10 percent of your real followers, less than that it could be bots or spam that Instagram will clean them once in a while. If from the result, your fake follower is more than 30 or 50 percent of your real follower, u la la… it’s fishy!! You buy followers to fool people, your fans, followers, your brands or potential brand for the sake of popularity and get invited for events, paid reviews etc.

And Fake Likes,

One day I found an internet celebrity of my friend, the way that this influencer got the likes was unusual. Usually, she always got a super fast likes within 2 hours, could be 3k likes less than 2 hours each post.

And, sometimes.. a fraud is not always smooth, it could be revealed by itself. The incident happened when one photo of this influencer posted didn’t get more than 2k likes within 2 hours, she only got 400s likes after 5 hours posted the photo on Instagram. Ow.. ow, DRASTIC CHANGES, PEOPLE!!

So, it’s unusual… If you had that massive followers, and normally, you would get around 3k likes each post, impossible you would get that very low number. So, it’s clear.. 400 likes is real likes of this cheating influencer audience, which means, this influencer buying likes and followers to make she looks bigger than she really is.

That’s sad and so bad, isn’t it. It should be illegal doing this, people like these make social influencer or travel blogging such a pathetic job in the world.

And then what happened after this influencer photo received the real likes, without fake likes ?? This influencer re-uploaded the same photo, and within an hour she gained almost 3k likes, and then this influencer removed the photo where she forgot buying likes, and make an excuse, Sorry.. Double Post. Yikes… What happens to quality?? Why number is matter !!?

And more funny thing, the engagement rate between the likes and comments are always less than 10 comments without this influencer reply comments. 3k Likes supposed to get at least 80 or 100 comments. Oh come on, this is so pathetic…

Your life is fake, fake friends, fake likes, everything is fake, and what you do is such a disgrace to humanity. You ruin other fresh bloggers who blog ethically and can’t get the brands because of your fake likes and fake followers cover their talent and quality!! You waste their creativity and real skill over your greediness and selfishness.

And those people or friends who still keep liking their post though you know they buy likes and followers, which means you’re not much different from this cheater. Or maybe it’s a proof of cheater attracts cheater ??

Based on what I read, do you know there is now a clicking station in India, and they employ under age children around 5 years old to click your fake likes over night and day, and if you keep liking those fake likes or pretend to be blind, it’s the same you support child abuse in India. Shame on you…

I hope Instagram will remove this LIKES feature, it’s so superficial and pathetic for the world we live in. I valued quality over quantity, I expect real connection and communication from my followers not only commenting generic or spam alike comments, such as; cute, pretty, amazing… I want interaction, yes, I’m cute or pretty, and so what?? I won’t get laid by you from pointless comments like this. If you have brain capacity, instead of typing pointless words please type a comment that make me interact with you, learn and talk to you in a great way.

I expect their good quality comments  or inputs, which means they are real. Normally, I don’t response short comments like cute, amazing.. great and the likes, because it sounds not authentic comments, it sounds like a comment from bots. So, what’s the points I replied kinda comments?? I want real communication from real humans, not bots. Don’t you think it’s pathetic and stupid if I replied bot comments?? Hahahaha.. Come on, people.. Don’t be such a noob. 👊🏼


Turn on the notification from this person, and watch how the way they gain likes each post. If they get very fast likes in 1 or 2 hours for examples 4k likes each post then after hours later the likes increased very slow, or stop. Yes, it’s fake!!

During that less than 1 or 2 hours, click who is who the zombies who likes them, if you see points below, okay.. fake!!

  • More Private Accounts and spammy profile picture when you click who like.
  • Accounts that have 2 or 6 posts but so many followers or following.
  • Or, accounts that have 2 posts but zero following and follower.
  • If the influencer is from Malaysia, and post about beauty stuff, what’s the point Arabic Man, Chinese, Thai men who post about computer hit like on that account, they are phoney. It could be fake accounts from India and Pakistan. They have station for this business.
  • Or something like these;

fake likes

How about you ?? Do you think buying likes, followers are ethical because high competition on social influencer profession?? Or have you caught somebody buy likes and followers?

P.S (not really necessary 😛 )

I believe, everyone should follow whoever they find interesting. You’re free to follow my Instagram account 🙂 , I’m very friendly and polite on Instagram, like you read on my Instagram bio below …

sang musafir7


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  • Hi Ra,

    I saw you tweeting about mindset and I thought I’d check out your website. I really like it. Looks like Ra has come a long way!

    Building a mailing list like you are is so important too, I think people would really like to be signed up to what you have to share.

    Good job on the social buttons, social media is so powerful these days

    You should consider installing an SEO plugin like Yoast or something, theres loads of good free ones.

    Also places like are worth checking out.

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