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My days must be started with a cup of coffee. Otherwise, It might be a mistake. If I didn’t get a coffee before noon, I’d feel very depresso and wrong.

Wherever I go and travel I drink multiple cups of hot coffee everyday. I’d love to taste local coffee. Life is very beautiful every time I sip my coffee, tell me I’m not the only one. I believe my fellow coffee addict around the world can relate to this !!!


Coffee in The Middle of Juice

On the weekend,  I traveled from Singapore to Malacca with two students from The Netherlands and Sweden. Interesting (maybe) facts I got to know from them through this journey;  Majority of European men don’t take sugar into their coffee. They told me; coffee with sugar, it means drinking sugar, not coffee. :\


Local Coffee in Singapore


Yes, yes.. I know, I know, there’s no coffee plantation in Singapore but they have local coffee chain. Yakun Kaya Toast.

At Yakun Kaya Toast, I first knew how the way Singaporean having their coffee time. It is still my favorite local coffee, I like  to watch the way they serve the coffee. It is always a middle-aged Chinese man (Singaporean called him ‘uncle’) who prepare the coffee. Never have I seen a woman or girl handle this coffee-making job, I guess it is part of their ‘branding’, since the founder is Ah Koon from Hainan, China.

In Singapore, it is very common to see people drinking sweet coffee with half boiled eggs and Kaya Toast.  The price is reasonable, around SGD 1.50 per cup.


Vietnamese Coffee


A travel mate once asked me what makes me want to travel to Vietnam. I asked her back; “have you heard of Vietnamese Coffee. That’s the reason…”


Koffie verkeerd in Holland and Stroopwafeltje


At café in The Netherlands, Coffee is always served with a Dutch Cookie, Stroopwafel. It is a delightful caramel syrup cookie I can’t even forget the taste.


Coffee Experience in Berlin


It was my first coffee experience in Berlin, Germany. So, in Dutch coffee is Koffie, in German is Kaffee and in Indonesian is KOPI, sounds exactly like Copy.


Koffie Verkeerd & Stroopwafeltje


It was a cold night at Utrecht Centraal Station. I was waiting for midnight bus to Berlin, and I didn’t want to spend much money for dinner, so I only bought a 1.20 Euro of Koffie Verkeerd and a small box of Sushi at Albert Heijn. Simply simple, but I was happy and felt warm though Coffee and Sushi are a weird combination.


Coffee time in Malang with friends


I stop over in Malang, East Java during my road trip from Bali to Jogjakarta in 2011, I then met my old friends. They brought me to a cozy coffee place, Java Dancer Coffee. Ah, I miss those old times.


Coffee Joss, coffee with charcoal..


Another great and unique way in drinking coffee I found it in Yogyakarta. I thought ‘charcoal’ is a toxic material but in Yogyakarta, it seems edible. They drink coffee by adding a small chunk of charcoal into a hot coffee. Previously, they burn the charcoal first, and while flaming they add it to the brew and JOSS, the sound sounds like that, that is why they called it Kopi Joss.


Kopi Kawa Daun in West Sumatra


Kopi Kawa Daun in West Sumatra has a long story with the Dutch in colonial times. In The Dutch Cultivation System in Indonesia centuries ago, the policy were extremely unjust and we called it as Enforcement Planting System where we had to export most of crop we had to the Dutch without getting proper profits of them.

We had to surrender all of our Kawa Coffee seed, and we only got the leaves. Lucky, I wasn’t alive yet at those old bitter times. Otherwise, I could go mad at them yelling GIVE ME BACK MY COFFEE !!!

However,  West Sumatran were quite creative people. Albeit, they can’t drink coffee, they still found another way to drink coffee, at least, tastes like coffee. Kopi Kawa Daun made of Coffee leaves (Kawa) after drying process and they drink it like tea. Daun is a leaf or leaves in Indonesian. It tastes like in between coffee and tea. I think it might be another solution for those who can’t consume much caffeine but still want to drink coffee.


Coffee in Plastic Bag


Those who come from European countries might have a culture shock with this takeaway style of drinking coffee. Yes, it is normal in Singapore and Malaysia or probably South East Asia. Strange indeed, coffee is served in plastic bag meanwhile in another side of the world, the uses of plastic bag is illegal. Not so going green, huh??


‘Coffee Milk’ in Krabi, Thailand



Before the storm arrived in Krabi, Thailand, I sat at the café facing to the sea and ordered a cup of coffee milk. Some minutes later, what they served on my table, really.. really crack me up!! Coffee with milk, meaning really coffee plus  milk, even funnier, with a baby’s bottle. Well, okay…I still take it as a pervert humor as long as it doesn’t serve with breast milk, oh please NO!!

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