Christmas in the Tropic

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Orchard road is always lit up for Christmas every near the end of the year, and this annual affair or ‘carnival’ I like to name it, has been held long before I lived in Singapore as a student, in 2004.


In 2008, my Swedish and Dutch friends got their culture shock when they experienced Christmas in this country, they’d never seen such an extravagant Christmas tree in Europe as what they saw in Singapore, the place where they embrace this culture for centuries. In the country where Christian is not the majority and this religion almost never be heard in the region not more than 150 years ago.

Meanwhile, there’s always been an endless debate about whether it is okay to wish a merry Christmas to Christian every year for the neighbor Indonesia, in Singapore, they transform famous touristy place, orchard road into fairy tale Christmas and different theme each year with stunning lighting design, Christmas ornaments and decoration, great sale on shopping malls, Santa showing up and artificial snow.

Enjoy the tropical Christmas, people. It seems like, people here know how to monetize this festive season. Christmas in Singapore is mostly a secular festival, to attract more tourists from around the world and during this time, people taking selfies with spectacular Christmas lighting along the road and decoration as background.

I filmed a short video along orchard road during Christmas, take it as your sneak peek and if you missed this year’s Christmas, you still can plan for your next year trip

I beg your pardon for the low resolution video.


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