On the Way to Iran

Three days prior my departure to Iran, I heard unexpected news about major cities in Iran were in chaos, demonstration and ten of thousands of people have protested in Iran. Interesting, I’ll be in Iran next week .. https://t.co/MAIZ5WgR6Q   — Ra (@solomusafir) December 30, 2017 The worse part is Donald trump and his supporters who used the situation to spread the fake news and photos about Iran's circumstances over social media, making Iran looked so chaotic or in potential war conflict. Without a shame they grab a demonstration photo in Bahrain a few years ago then made dozen tweets as if 'This is Iran today.' 

Hagelslag, Drop & the Dutch

Besides Raw Herring, the Dutch has another unique concept on bread. Meanwhile the rest of the world eat bread topped with peanut butter, jam, Nutella, butter and slices of tomatoes or bacon, honey or salad. The Dutch eats bread topped with Hagelslag. What is HAGELSLAG??

Christmas in the Tropic

Christmas in the Tropic

In 2008, my Swedish and Dutch friends got their culture shock when they experienced Christmas in this country, they’d never seen such an extravagant Christmas tree in Europe as what they saw in Singapore, the place where they embrace this culture for centuries. In the country where Christian is not the majority and this religion almost never be heard in the region not more than 150 years ago.

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