Episode 14: Antwerpen

Antwerpen is nice, fullfilled with massive old European architectures,historical buildings and sta tues,.. Antwerpen with its great architectures,- I think it’s a great place for those who love taking pictures with great angles. We headed to Antwerpen from Tilburg.On the way from Tilburg to Antwerpen, we passed the highway that I noticed this,- Belgium and The Netherland is adjacent country, just separated with land border.However, I could find the differences between two countries.When we’re on Belgium road from Eindhoven, .. we found broken asphalt road like we found many in Indonesia road.

Episode 13: Enkhuizen Trip

Zuiderzee Museum merupakan open air museum, I highly recommended you guys to visit this museum someday when you are in The Netherlands. it's the best museum I've seen entire my life!! I bet you might like it.. Believe me!! To see it more further, just stay tuned on this entry, scroll down then I'll elaborate some stories I brought from this museum journey.

Episode 11: Nonton di Bioskop Utrecht

Sebagai movie-goer rasanya nggak afdol, kalau gue tidak sempat mengecapi nonton film biskop di Belanda. Bioskopnya klasik banget, dari tampak luar mengingatkan gue akan episode di film Dono Kasino indro, di era 80/90-an.

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