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Hagelslag, Drop & the Dutch

Besides Raw Herring, the Dutch has another unique concept on bread. Meanwhile the rest of the world eat bread topped with peanut butter, jam, Nutella, butter and slices of tomatoes or bacon, honey or salad. The Dutch eats bread topped with Hagelslag.

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Mural in The Netherlands

When I was in the Netherlands, I was fascinated by so many beautiful murals in each city. For example, I stayed in Utrecht city for 2 weeks, on my first day being there I found several murals on the corner of the road which I think it’s very cool when a city or country really appreciate work of art.

Speaking of paintings, Holland is well-known for her world-famous painters since

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Cinema Experience in the Netherlands

In The Netherlands, watching movie at the cinema has an intermission. To be honest, I received a bit culture shock when I had my first time cinema experience in Utrecht city. As a person who used to live in Jakarta and  Singapore, I’m used to massive cinemas, with big studio room and very wide-screen. In…
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Episode 17: In Foreign Eyes

My dream comes true,I’ve eventually been to The Netherlands for three weeks. And then,I’ve got to face another problem after my return home from Holland,that is I really want to go back to Holland AGAIN!!! Ha Ha , for second visit, third visit.. and so on.

I’ve already missed Koffieverkeerd at AlbertHeizn,Stroopwafel

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