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Bandung in a Nutshell

"Hello Bandung, long time no see you." That’s my unspoken Greeting to this city after my last visit almost 6 years ago. I lived in Jakarta for 5 years and a weekend getaway to Bandung was common things for us who live in Jakarta. My 2016's impression toward Bandung, it is extremely different from many years ago. Today's Bandung is polluted, not as cold as it used to be, and .. crazy traffic jam here and there, almost similar to Jakarta. Why of why, Bandung.. Don't you know, you used to be my favorite Indonesian city, well, maybe because at that time, I was still young and loved shopping. But then, things changed as I get older.

Traveling untuk Pemula

Zaman sekarang, wajib hukumnya untuk menunaikan rukun iman yang ke-TUJUH. Yaitu,Traveling-lah selagi mampu atau tidak mampu (harap dimampu-mampu-in aja). Kenapa harus begitu?? Karena traveling harus menjadi kebutuhan hidup primer, dengan traveling, kita akan merasa segar kembali dari kejenuhan rutinitas, dan menghilangkan stress. Jangan anggap sepele ‘Stress’ lho, menurut para ahli stress akan memicu sakit jantung, stroke dan penyakit yang enggak asik lainnya deh. Lebih baik mencegah dari

Overland Route Bangkok to Siem Reap

Overland from Bangkok to Siem Reap is part of my Indochina road trip in 2013 where I started my journey from Kuala Lumpur to Ho Chi Minh without stopping over at the airport. Passing through 2,708 km Southeast Asia by land and got 5 different country stamps on my passport, urrgh, how I miss that moment.

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