Travel Journal, Uluwatu without a tour

After spending 6 days in Bali, it's time for beautiful sunset in Uluwatu, the southern part of Bali. From Kuta, I took a taxi to send me to Uluwatu road.. It's not really far and doesn't cost me much for taxi fee. Arrived on Uluwatu road, there's a minivan bus named Serbagita stopped waiting for passengers. I approached them to get information if any, Is this a bus to Uluwatu?? They replied correct, and when I asked how much does it cost to Uluwatu..

Mount Batur

Travel Journal; Cycling in Ubud & Kintamani

After spending one night at Ngurah Ray airport, I took an ojek to send me to a hotel at Tuban area. It's recommendation from a waiter I had some small chats at MacDonald. When I arrived at the hotel he mentioned... yeee, I'm not interested at all. It's just not my cup of tea, ... it's located quite far from the beach, the room rate is unreasonable from what its offer, no WiFi and far from tourist sites.

hostel life

Wow, It's the longest time I don't write any single entry on this blog, kinda missing it... I've got a lot stories to be told actually, until I don't know where do I start ;) Well. let me start recalling what have been happening for almost 6 months since the last time I blog. April, where the adventure starts.... In April, I flew to Singapore in order to attend a job interview for graphic designer

Episode 17: In Foreign Eyes

Episode 17: In Foreign Eyes

My dream comes true,I’ve eventually been to The Netherlands for three weeks. And then,I’ve got to face another problem after my return home from Holland,that is I really want to go back to Holland AGAIN!!! Ha Ha , for second visit, third visit.. and so on. I’ve already missed Koffieverkeerd at AlbertHeizn,Stroopwafel

Episode 15: Delft Trip or Rondvaart Delft

've finally been to Delft before I left The Netherlands, yes, I didn't spend much time there ,even though it was just my quick visit in Delft, at least, I'm satisfied enough I already step my feet in an inspiring city for famous Dutch painter in 17 century named Vermeer. I wrote an essay about him on my Survey of Art subject years ago, it was the first time I admire his girl with pearl earing painting. Vermeer is known as the master of light, with its camera obscura method of painting in positioning composition and perspective effect . An

Episode 11: Nonton di Bioskop Utrecht

Sebagai movie-goer rasanya nggak afdol, kalau gue tidak sempat mengecapi nonton film biskop di Belanda. Bioskopnya klasik banget, dari tampak luar mengingatkan gue akan episode di film Dono Kasino indro, di era 80/90-an.

Episode 10: Berlijn

Tak pernah ada bayangan sebelumnya,kalau gue akan menapakan kaki ini ke Berlin. Apa?? Berlin... Disaat Yosua berencana akan ke Paris, dan ada istilahnya, .. ‘Belum ke Eropa,kalau belum ke Paris’... gue tidak begitu peduli dengan suara-suara itu. Dulu sekali,sempat tegila-gila dengan segala se suatu serba Perancis. Belajar bahasa Perancis,salah satu bentuk kegemaran gue akan Perancis.

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