Foodporn in Krabi

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I traveled to Krabi, Thailand in wet season. It might be very depressing when you visit a place with beautiful beaches but the dark cloud always blanketed the sky. There was no sunbathing or playing with water on the beach, the worst thing was no blue sky and the sun at all.

Actually, besides disturbing for Photography, bad weather is not really a BIG deal for me. Luckily, I’m not a beach person and Krabi is not only beaches, limestone mountain, diving, numerous caves and waterfalls, hiking.

No, no.. Krabi is also famous with its tempting cuisine. They have cooking course for tourist which I really want to join them on my next visit. Even though,Thailand is not a giant country,but when it comes to the food, there’s a multicultural touches in its cuisine. Thailand has a great cuisine and the taste is different between northern and southern cuisine. Now, you get what I mean;

I traveled to Krabi for tasting famous delightful Southern Thai food.

If you are Muslim and traveling to Thailand limiting your way because of Halal and Non-Halal food issue, Halal food is very accessible here. So, don’t worry.. Majority of Southern Thailand  people are Muslim, and it won’t be hard for you to find ‘edible’ food in this region. No wonder, there are many Muslim Malaysians spend their weekend in this place for their hungry tummy.

While northern Thai cuisine receive the influence of Chinese cuisine, the southern ones are influenced by northern Malay cuisine and Andaman, Indian with its curry style. It makes the southern part consist mainly of sea fish and tastes more hot and spicy.

One thing I like in Krabi, even the street food are easily found and clean. I took food pictures I had during my short times in Krabi, I’d warn you, I won’t be responsible if you will be drooling over these

Let’s check what I’ve got!!!

Omelet Shrimp Rice and Mango Salad. How is it taste, hmmm… it’s unforgettable



Lunch at Koh Panyee (floating village), extremely yummy!! Especially the tempura and tom yum soup, next visit in Krabi, I promise, I’ll take cooking class.



Shrimp green curry with pakia bean, in Indonesian, Pakia bean is Petai. Hmm, How is it?? I can’t tell lie, it’s the best one!!!



Green curry chicken. It’s just GREAT.



Fried banana with honey syrup. Love it, love it…..



Chicken Satay — at Railey Beach, Krabi.


It looks different from the rest of Satay I’ve ever tasted. I like the way they put Salad and a Bun on my Satay plate. It’s just different, and I like the difference, because that’s what I’m looking for on my journey. I called this, Thailand version of Chicken Satay.


Tuna Pancake, street food and it’s around 20-40 bath .. cheap & super yummiee!!



Snack guysss..- cholesterol snack …. but, Irresistible



It is called Luk Chup, fruit-shape desserts made of mung-bean flour with natural colouring.


I found this at Krabi night market. I love how colorful and eye-catching this Thai dessert. They are just sooo cuttee!!

Aggh, DAMN!!! This post really makes me want to go back to Krabi GREATLY!

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