Cinema Experience in the Netherlands

In The Netherlands, watching movie at the cinema has an intermission. To be honest, I received a bit culture shock when I had my first time cinema experience in Utrecht city.

As a person who used to live in Jakarta and  Singapore, I’m used to massive cinemas, with big studio room and very wide-screen. In this city cinema, the building is very simple with neon light, City is the cinema’s name. Look!! What a classic looking!! Especially, with bicycles were parking there, it feels like I was brought into 80′s movies.

Bioskop gaya jadul di Utrecht

Bioskop gaya jadul di Utrecht

Then, some moments later, an 8,80 Euro ticket was already in my hand and I was ready to watchInception movie. Although, the cinema building is very ancient, but inside the building is very clean, cozy and modern. Before entering the studio, I went to the toilet which I found the toilets were almost empty and quite. I wonder, do the Dutch not really go to the cinemas unlike Asian.

In Indonesia, cinema is always fulfilled with youth, tend to be crowded and noisy on the weekend where these young dudes just laughing out loud happily. Here, in Utrecht cinema, even in the waiting room, people spoke very softly in a small group or just sitting alone, like me. I went to the cinema alone, and enjoy watching my surroundings.

tiket fim inception

Watching movie at  this cinema, it is just different from where I am from. It feels like watching in the living room with strangers. Before taking my seat in the studio, I ordered a cup of Koffeeverkeerd, then what I got was a mug made of ceramic with an aluminium tea-spoon, not in paper cup and plastic spoon as I used to have in Asia. Then, after the show was over, the audiences sent their mug back to the café table.  How cool is that, huh??

koffie bioskop

koffie bioskop

When the movie was about to start, I watched a few low-budget advertisements were broadcasting on this mini screen. Such as, an ads for dentures, I think it is just irrelevant to the movie we would like to see in a few minutes, Inception.

Then, my second culture shock watching movie in Holland’s, when I saw people have beer at the cinema, and drank it while watching the movie. It is definitely incredible fact I got to know that there is a country where we are allowed to bring beer or alcohol at the cinema. The cool one is, none of them made a mess during the show, there’s no drunken people ruined the show, even kids sat next to adults who drank some beer. Great to know this. People here are more mature with their drinking culture.

The good thing is, the movies are shown in English. Unlike, in majority of European countries you’d get the movie dubbed in French, Italian, German, Spanish etc. For me, dubbing movie is only for kid show.

When I was watching the MC Escher’s style scene where the cities folding one another in the middle of the show, out of the blue, the show was stopped. I thought there’s a technical error on the projector, but I became more puzzled when I saw people left the studio, I followed where they went, and becoming more confused, some of them went to toilet, or stood in the corner with some friends and chit chat then the others bought popcorn and drinks, then they finished it outside the studio.

Here’s my cinema experience in the Netherlands, where they have a 15 minute of break during the show at the cinema. What’s your unique Cinema Experience??


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