Mural in The Netherlands

When I was in the Netherlands, I was fascinated by so many beautiful murals in each city. For example, I stayed in Utrecht city for 2 weeks, on my first day being there I found several murals on the corner of the road which I think it’s very cool when a city or country really appreciate work of art.

Speaking of paintings, Holland is well-known for her world-famous painters since the golden age, let’s say, my favorite Dutch painter is Van Gogh, then M.C Escher, Vermeer, Rembrants and friends. These great artists had a great contribution to the art movements in world history, their works and technique had influenced to modern art, what we have today. Art and painting have been there, in the society since centuries ago.

How cool is that, living in a city where your eyes get accustomed to beautiful and meaningful piece of art in public places. It will make us get used to artsy stuff, and grow our creativity without we realize it. I could tell this based on my experience, how my design and art skill were so poor before I learned and never stop observing artworks on design book or design magazine, and I think it gets better year after year.

Here, in Holland with these murals, we can get it easily while cycling, walking or just sitting at a café alone like the last mural in this compilation. Besides as adornment for city walls, it will develop emotional and thinking skills, too. I say, it’s quite educative environment to live in.

And I think the existence of city murals have benefit for kids, too. Children love colors, especially eye-catchy colors and painting will gain positive emotional response to kids even also adult.

Enjoy Mural Compilation I captured  in The Netherlands

Mural in Utrecht city


Mural in Utrecht


Mural in Enkhuizen City


Mural in Rotterdam City


Mural in Tilburg City


Mural in Den Haag City


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