The Art of Eating Raw Herring

I used to be a semi vegetarian for few years where I only ate fish and chicken, I avoided eating read meat as best I could, I felt better back then. In 2015, I’m thinking of being semi vegetarian again, no more red meat. Since I moved back to West Sumatra, where red meat and Rendang are everywhere here, I just couldn’t resist…. *yeah, it’s just my excuses*

As a Pisces, I like to eat fish and a big fan of seafood, Sushi with raw salmon. Sometimes, I feel like a cannibal with that. Eating my own ‘species’ . Okay, okay forget about zodiac because in Chinese horoscope I’m into 4 legs group
When I heard the Dutch has a unique cuisine related to fish, it’s intrigued me a lot and I put this on my-to-do lists in Holland. It called ‘Hollandse nieuwe, “new” raw herring’.

In my country, Indonesia, we have ‘gorengan’ for snack. Gorengan is oily food and of course, it’s not highly recommended to eat everyday, then in USA or MacDonald, they have Burger which is very hi-carb kind of snack, I like Holland with its healthy Omega3 Snack.

So, what is Herring ??

I was in Delft city, exploring beautiful Johannes Vermeer’s city alone, then I stopped at a small stall on the corner with several people were queuing for Raw Herring. I joined the queue and received this.


Raw Herring with onion

My first reaction was, I felt a bit Ow.. Oww.. For real ?? How to eat this raw fish ?? It’s only served with onion. Raw Onion. See what I’ve got, I said in heart. A piece of raw herring on a paper plate with onion and pickles as topping. The latter I knew, my Dutch’s friend said, it can be eaten while drinking beer because fish loves to swim. He he, I just giggled to hear it.

How do the Dutch eat Herring ??

The Dutch has their own way to eat this ‘national dish’, with spoon or fork or knife ?? NAY !!!
I saw the way locals eat it, by holding its tail, open your mouth and chin up, and letting the slippery raw fish sliding into your mouth. Done.

Seems easy. I assured myself, Am I quite braver to eat this. I gulped. Yeah, like a cat woman I tried the way local ate this Raw Herring. And done. How is it ??

It tastes like raw fish , I like it !! The Dutch has been eating this since 600 years ago, it’s safe !!


Who needs fork & knife ?!?

authorRahma loves writing & reading before she knows how to write and read. A geek who loves her spirit of individuality and has traveled solo since her early age.

2 Responses to “The Art of Eating Raw Herring

  • Rahma Musafir
    4 years ago

    Haha, San

    There’s a proverb for traveler;
    When in Rome, do as the Romans do

  • Urmm.. Sorry i need fork & knife & sambal please….
    Omg.. I don think i will be able to swallow the whole fish into my mouth…

    Sorry Dutch ppl out there…

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