Unique Architecture in the Netherlands


A 40 meter hight water tower and the oldest of Utrecht (1896). It’s now a museum about water, but the tower still plays a role in the water supply of the city centre.



Minimalist Building on the corner, among of typical Dutch architecture



Kubus (cube) building in Rotterdam


#kubuswonigen or Cube Houses in #Rotterdamn is one of #dutchinnovation in #architecture, designed by architect Piet Blom in 1970s. Enjoy stunning structure of this yellow houses in the Netherlands. This unique architecture has been part of Rotterdam icon besides the #Erasmus bridge. I love Rotterdam so much during my visit, unlike most of cities in the Netherlands whose full of hundreds of years buildings in town, Rotterdam has only one old building left in centrum, this city was flattened by #NAZI during world war 2. So, mostly we can only see new buildings and architecture. Yes, War sucks.. Peace is cheaper than war. However, the good thing is, it makes Rotterdam look quite different from other cities, looks more modern and ‘present day’ atmosphere 😀

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 Parking lot for bicycles in Eindhoven



013 is a concert place in the city center, and over the building you can see cd’s stuck on the walls.



Bridge connecting two adjacent buildings, Utrecht



This building looks like a duck in Rotterdam.



Pencil Building in Rotterdam



Space Box. student housing in Utrecht



One of Utrecht University’s Building



My flat for 2 weeks, Cambrigelaan, Utrecht



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